Three Common Ways To Enjoy Beef On Your Pizza

When you think of a number of common meat toppings on pizza, you'll often come to the realization that many of them are pork based. Toppings such as pepperoni, ham, bacon, and sausage typically contain pork. If you don't eat this protein or you're simply looking for a change when you order your next pizza, you might prefer to focus on beef-based toppings. Fortunately, there are several of these toppings available, so you shouldn't have trouble ordering what you want at virtually any pizza restaurant. Here are three common ways to enjoy beef on your pizza.


Meatballs are a fixture in Italian pasta dishes, but you'll often find meatballs on certain pizzas, too. If you haven't previously had this type of beef product on a pizza, you should know that the meatballs are smaller than those you typically have with spaghetti. This makes them easier to eat, whether you're grabbing a quick slice of pizza for lunch or ordering a full pie to enjoy with your family. While the flavor and ingredients of meatballs will vary between pizza restaurants, this is typically a beef-based product that is suitable for those who are trying to avoid pork.

Beef Crumble

Another way that you'll find beef as a pizza topping is in a crumbled form. The beef crumble topping isn't as common as beef meatballs, but you'll still find this option at lots of pizza restaurants. Think about how you fry a package of ground beef and stir it constantly until it's in small, crumbled pieces. This is similar to how this topping looks. It's a good option if you want a bit of meat in every bite, rather than just appearing in a few places on each slice.


Steak is a popular beef topping that is an option at most pizzerias. Typically, the steak is cut into thin strips and then fried, similar to how you might prepare steak at home when you're cooking a stir fry. The result is a number of tender pieces that are easy to eat in one bite. Steak appears on several different pizza types, but it's common on cheesesteak-style pies. This type of pizza pays tribute to the famous cheesesteak sandwich, offering onions and peppers in addition to the steak. Check the meat section of the menu when you next visit a local pizza restaurant to try one of these beef-based pork alternatives.

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