Making The Perfect Grilled Pizza

Pizza is one of the world's all-time favorite meals. With so many toppings and crust options available, pizza is fast becoming more than just a convenience food. Cooking pizza in a traditional oven or even a brick oven are wonderful ways to enjoy it, but grilling pizza takes it a whole new level. The delicious savory flavors are enhanced by cooking it on a grill, which gives it a rich and smoky flavor. If you can't make it to a restaurant, here's some tips for you to try at home and make the perfect grilled pizza.


Before you throw that delicious crust onto the grill, make sure your crust is thick enough to withstand the cooking process. Dust the bottom of the crust with corn meal so it can slide easily off the pan and onto the grill. You can use a pizza stone to help keep everything from melting or sliding off as it cooks. Preheat the stone on top of the grill for about fifteen minutes before you put the pizza on. If you prefer grill marks on your crust, the pizza stone isn't necessary, but make sure the dough has chilled up for a few minutes so it stays firm as it cooks. Go ahead and add all of your toppings like sauce, cheese, and anything else you like on the crust before you cook it. This will give every bite that delicious, grilled flavor. 

Cooking Process

As you cook your pizza on the grill, it's important to keep an eye on it in order to avoid the bottom burning. Your grill should maintain a temperature of around 400 to 425 degrees for an even cook. Too much heat can cause charring and an unattended grill can cause the whole thing to burn completely. On average, a grilled pizza should only take around ten to fifteen minutes to cook all the way. In order for the top of the pizza to cook, close the grill cover and let it do its thing. You can check on it every few minutes to ensure the cheese is melting and that the crust is cooking through. 

New Topping Ideas

You don't have to just use cheese and pepperoni when you grill your next pizza. Get creative with new additions like goat cheese and figs. Or try a spicier sauce so when you eat the pizza you'll get the delicious smoky flavor with a hit of heat from the spice. Using fresh veggies as toppings tastes amazing when pizza is grilled. Add some Italian sausage for a hearty pizza with a grilled flavor. The possibilities are endless when it comes to making pizza, so have some fun with it and enjoy the taste of this classic dish prepared fresh on the grill.