3 Reasons To Try Restaurants That Serve Seaside Seafood

Whether you are planning an upcoming family vacation or heading out for a business trip somewhere on a coastline, make sure you pencil in some time to visit any seaside seafood restaurants in the area. These places have a lot to offer travelers who come through. Take a look at some of the reasons to try restaurants that serve seaside seafood.  Get the best of local cuisine.  If you are vacationing next to the ocean and you want to try the best in local cuisine, there is a really good chance you are going to find a good collection of the best local food choices at a seaside seafood restaurant. Read More 

Three Ways To Get Creative When You Decide To Sell Beer Milkshakes

The best thing about investing in some milkshake machines for your restaurant is that you have a long list of ways to use them. While many of your patrons of all ages will be eager to enjoy chocolate, fruit, and other types of standard milkshakes, you may wish to appeal to your adult customers by putting beer milkshakes on the menu. While lots of restaurants offer beer milkshakes, they're by no means available at every establishment that sells milkshakes. Read More 

4 Pizza Delivery Etiquette Tips Every Pizza Lover Should Know

When you're hungry and don't have the energy to throw together a meal in your own kitchen, what's more convenient than calling up your favorite pizza place and ordering delivery straight to your house? Within an hour (or maybe even less, depending on where you live), you can have a piping hot pizza delivered right to your door step--and it's all thanks to your local pizza delivery driver. Not so fast, though; when ordering pizza delivery to your home, there are some important etiquette tips you won't want to forget. Read More 

Tips For Saving Money On Wedding Catering

If you have been planning your upcoming wedding and have discovered that it is already over budget, despite the fact that you haven't even started looking at catering options yet, these tips will help you save a lot of money while providing great food for your guests: Tip: Consider Less Expensive Italian or Mexican Food Options If you have your heart set on a catered steak and lobster dinner for your wedding, then you can expect the food catering costs will be very high. Read More 

3 Low-Carb Side Dishes To Pair With Your Pizza

Sometimes pizza can be a meal all by itself, especially when you're eating alone. But when you're throwing a party or just having a big family meal, you probably want some side dishes to even out the meal. However, many of the common side dishes that go with pizza are fried or bread-based. You may be looking for a lighter side dish to help balance out your meal. Take a look at some lighter, low-carb side dishes that taste terrific next to a slice of pizza: Read More