Make These Choices At An Italian Restaurant To Keep Your Caloric Intake Low

It's easy for your mouth to begin watering as soon as you open the menu at your favorite Italian restaurant. Rich, decadent items will tantalize your tastebuds, but you'll have to be smart about what you order if you're watching your weight. Certain items at an Italian restaurant are high in calories, and while such things might be delicious, they're best to avoid if you're being careful about your caloric intake. You can still thoroughly enjoy your meal, though, provided that you make these choices.

Order Salad As A Starter

The appetizers offered by your local Italian restaurant can certainly be tempting, but they won't all be the best choice if you're trying to be careful about your caloric intake. Breaded calamari and zucchini sticks, for example, are very tasty, but high in calories. If you're starting your meal with an appetizer, think about ordering a salad. It will typically be lower in calories than many other starters, and because the vegetables will provide you with plenty of fiber, you'll start to feel a little full — and this can prevent you from overeating later on. To keep the calories of your salad low, skip the croutons and ask for your dressing on the side.

Pick Tomato Sauce Over Cream Sauce

If you're planning to order a pasta dish, try to focus your attention on the menu items that are prepared with tomato sauce instead of cream sauce. The latter is high in calories, thanks to all the fat from the dairy products used to prepare it. For example, a rich cream sauce may include butter, cream, and cheese — certainly delicious, but not exactly ideal for those watching their calories. Tomato sauce, conversely, will be lower in calories because tomatoes are lower in calories than many dairy products.

Skip The Post-Dinner Drink

It can be enjoyable to sit back after a tasty Italian meal and have a glass of sparkling wine or another similar beverage. Due to their sugar content, however, sparkling wines are typically high in calories — and the last thing you want to do after being smart about your meal is make the mistake of consuming extra calories afterward. You can simply abstain from the post-dinner drink entirely, or opt for a glass of water, soda water, or a tea. For the latter, stay away from milk and sugar to keep the caloric content low.

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