Tips For Saving Money On Wedding Catering

If you have been planning your upcoming wedding and have discovered that it is already over budget, despite the fact that you haven't even started looking at catering options yet, these tips will help you save a lot of money while providing great food for your guests:

Tip: Consider Less Expensive Italian or Mexican Food Options

If you have your heart set on a catered steak and lobster dinner for your wedding, then you can expect the food catering costs will be very high. However, if you opt for less expensive foods, such as Italian or Mexican food, then the catering bill will naturally be a lot less. And, just because you choose Italian catering doesn't mean you have to serve spaghetti and meatballs. Italian food has many other options such as antipasto plates and exotic lasagnas. 

Tip: Have Your Wedding Catered by a Local Family-Owned Restaurant

Rather than calling up the catering companies in your area, instead, consider having your wedding catered by a smaller, local family restaurant whose food you like. Smaller restaurants often struggle to keep their doors open and would love the opportunity to cater a large event. Catering allows the restaurant to boost their monthly earnings without a lot of extra overhead costs. And, since you are giving their business a nice cash infusion, most smaller restaurants will reward you with both excellent food and a lower cost than using a wedding catering company.

Tip: Serve Food Buffet or Family-Style Instead of an Individually-Served Meal

When you order catered food for your wedding, you won't have to order quite as much food or use servers if you serve everything buffet or family-style. Both options allow larger serving bowls and plates to be loaded with food and your guests to serve themselves only the food they want to eat. Since not everyone will be hungry or like each option, these serving choices give you the ability to order smaller quantities of each food.

Tip: Let Your Friends and Relatives Cater Your Wedding

Finally, if your friends and family keep asking what they can do to help you with your upcoming wedding, you should consider letting them cater your event potluck style if they offer. Home cooked food is often tastier and healthier than either restaurant or catered food, and if you have a group of people who cook well in your family and they want to help with your wedding, then offer to pay for the food in exchange for their preparing it.