Three Ways To Get Creative When You Decide To Sell Beer Milkshakes

The best thing about investing in some milkshake machines for your restaurant is that you have a long list of ways to use them. While many of your patrons of all ages will be eager to enjoy chocolate, fruit, and other types of standard milkshakes, you may wish to appeal to your adult customers by putting beer milkshakes on the menu. While lots of restaurants offer beer milkshakes, they're by no means available at every establishment that sells milkshakes. This can give your restaurant some buzz in the community, which you can increase by getting creative about how you sell your beer milkshakes. Here are some suggestions.

Choose The Right Glass

Instead of serving your beer milkshakes in standard milkshake glasses, get creative by choosing glassware that is more reflective of the type of drink that you're serving. By serving your beer milkshakes in standard beer glasses, you'll definitely create an impact when your servers deliver these beverages to your patrons. Whether you use beer glasses emblazoned with the name and logo of the beer that you're serving, or you have glasses with your own restaurant's logo, you can't go wrong with this serving vessel.

Top Them Appropriately

Restaurants commonly top their milkshakes with cherries, chocolate shavings, or other sweet treats. You probably don't want to take this approach with your beer milkshakes, as the combination may seem strange. Instead, find some appropriate toppings that you can stick into the top of each milkshake before it leaves the kitchen. One idea is a small handful of beer nuts, which your patrons might appreciate. Another idea is to place one or more pretzels — a snack that people commonly enjoy alongside their beer — into the tops of the milkshakes.

Partner With A Local Producer

The passion surrounding craft beers appears to be at an all-time high, and you can further boost the buzz about your beer milkshakes by finding one or more local breweries that may wish to partner with you. For example, instead of necessarily focusing on beer milkshakes that use popular domestic beer, make these unique beverages with beer from your local producers. People love to support local businesses, and you may find that more patrons order your milkshakes simply because of this connection. These ideas, along with some fresh marketing strategies to get the community aware of your new menu item, can have more people visiting you to order your beer milkshakes than you might expect.