What Information Do You Need About Private Venues?

Whether you're having a birthday party, wedding or family event, you may be seeking out private venues for the activities you want to do. A private event space is desirable, but you should ensure you're asking relevant questions like the following; with these inquiries, you should be able to pick a venue and have fun.

1-What Other Events Are Happening?

Even if a venue can offer you a private room, you may still be affected by other events happening at the same time. For instance, there could be another wedding or celebration happening during the period you plan to have your event. This means that your guests are likely to be competing with strangers for parking and bathrooms. Your event will be competing for venue staff to serve meals or replenish drinks. This is generally not a big problem, but if you want to make sure no one in your group has problems, you may want to ask about other events. You can even look for venues that have private bathrooms as well. With some searching, you might be able to find a private venue that will only be taking care of you and your guests that day.

2-When Can We Arrive?

If another event is booked for your private venue before yours, that could affect when you can show up for your event. If you plan to bring some of your own decorations or have hired your own event planner, this kind of schedule can affect setup times. A venue can let you know whether another event is booked right before yours; you may want to ask venues generally whether you'll have adequate time to set up for your own party.

3-What Menus Are There?

While guests may be happy to celebrate your birthday, wedding or other event, they're also likely interested in the foods and snacks they'll get while attending. If your family has members who aren't able to eat meat or certain types of food, you'll need to be diligent about ensuring they're not left out. Planning the menu at a private venue shouldn't be much of a problem, but ensure that you're working with a venue that will accommodate the kinds of eaters that you expect. You might not need gluten-free, vegetarian, or low-salt menus, but you should be aware of what a venue can serve.

With these questions, private event space is easier to book and enjoy. Keep talking to venue staff to ensure everything is set for your party or event.