Ordering Seafood At Your Catered Event? Follow These Tips

Eating seafood always feels a bit special, and as such, seafood can be a great choice for any party that you're having catered. However, having seafood served is also a bit unique, and as such, there are a few tips to follow if you want to ensure your party goes off without a hitch.

1. Don't automatically steer away from a company that serves frozen seafood.

In the world of seafood, fresh is often considered best. But unless you live right on the coast, you may want to reconsider crossing caterers that serve some frozen seafood off your list. Sometimes, serving frozen versions of some seafood items, like shrimp and crab, is the easiest way for a catering service to ensure consistent quality when serving a large crowd. You're better off choosing a company that sources a few of their items frozen than a company that tries to do everything fresh and thus ends up with some spoiled items.

2. Include some non-seafood options.

Sure, seafood is amazing, delicious, and luxurious — but there are bound to be a couple of people at every party who do not share that opinion. For these folks, make sure there are at least a couple of non-seafood items on the menu. A chicken dish may work well because it is of a similar quality, or you might want to order a tofu dish since this would also satisfy any vegetarians who don't eat seafood. Most catering services that offer seafood serve other items, too, so this should not be an issue.

3. Ask if anyone has allergies.

You might want to send out an email before the party and ask if anyone has seafood allergies. Some people are mildly allergic and may come to the party but just stay away from the seafood dishes. Others may be so allergic that they cannot be in the same room with seafood. In this case, you will either want to nix the idea of serving seafood or count on that person not attending. 

4. Offer cooked and raw dishes.

To some, a raw bar is an absolute luxury. To others, seafood really needs to be cooked to be enjoyable. So make sure you offer a good mix of raw and cooked dishes. Also include some fish — maybe salmon or tuna — for those who may not be as keen about shellfish. Variety is the spice of life.