A Bar Crawl That Will Remind You And Your Friends Of The Past

If your college buddies will be hitting you up over the holidays and you would like to spend some time celebrating the festive aura that is promoted throughout the downtown region, ask your pals if they would like to partake in a late-night bar crawl. The crawl can include stopping at your favorite bars from the past and finishing up the evening with a full meal and a ride back to your friends' hotel.

Relive The Past

During college you and your peers may have partaken in some crazy escapades, which included dancing, watching live sporting events, drinking large amounts of alcohol, and perusing many nightclubs and other social venues that were located near the college campus. If you still live in the area where you and your friends went to school, it could be quite interesting to rehash the past, by reminding your guests about some of the outlandish or social activities that everyone enjoyed.

Your bar crawl can include visiting some of your favorite bars and stopping by some new venues that were opened since everyone finished school. Research the bars to determine which ones promote the social scene that you and your pals are comfortable with. A bar that features a dartboard, pool table, LED screen, and dancing will provide ample time to integrate with other patrons or compete in some friendly competitions. Make reservations if necessary and provide your friends with an overview of the bars that will be visited throughout the evening.

Take Breaks And Be Accommodating

What is your objective when you go to a bar? Do you like to spend most of your time drinking alcoholic beverages and competing in some drinking games? Since you have not seen your friends in a while, you may not want to put them through a situation that involves you getting wasted and not remembering most of the occasion.

Before you and the others meet up, grab a bite to eat. A full stomach will prevent you from feeling queasy when you begin drinking an alcoholic beverage. If each venue that you visit during the crawl features a menu of grilled specialties or snacks, take advantage of this service and eat some food at regular intervals. Avoid placing you and your friends' lives at risk by agreeing not to drive to any of the venues. Chip in and take a taxi to each bar, and have the cab drop your friends off at their requested destinations, prior to being transported home.