Three Things To Like About Soft Shell Tacos

While your local Mexican food restaurant likely has a large number of menu options, one dish that can often be appealing is an order of tacos. Tacos are immensely popular at Mexican eateries, thanks in part to the many varieties that are available. For example, most establishments provide options such as beef tacos, chicken tacos, and vegetarian tacos. If you have an appetite for tacos, you'll need to decide not only what fillings you want, but also what style of shell you'll have. Hard shell tacos are popular but don't discount soft shells. Here are some things that you'll like about soft shell tacos.

They're Less Messy To Eat

One reason that many people favor soft shell tacos is that they're typically much less messy to eat. When you bite into a hard shell, it may crack beyond where you bite it — sometimes, resulting in some of the contents falling out of your taco. This might not be a major concern if you're sitting at a table to eat, but it's less than ideal if you've ordered your tacos to go. Whether you're standing on the sidewalk or sitting in your car, you don't want to make a mess. Soft shell tacos won't crack as you eat them, which means that you can finish your meal tidily.

They're Quiet

The sounds that you produce while eating might not be something that you immediately think about, but this topic can be relevant to people who place to-go orders at their local eateries and take their food back to their office to eat. When you're eating at your desk, you may not want a meal that produces audible sounds as you eat it. The loud crunch that occurs each time you bite into a hard shell taco may make you feel self-conscious, especially if those around you aren't eating at the same time. A better choice can be soft shell tacos, which you can eat virtually silently.

They Provide More Options

Hard tacos are almost always made of corn flour whereas soft shell tacos are often made of wheat flour. If you try to limit your intake of products that contain corn, you might not want to order conventional hard shell tacos. In this scenario, soft shell tacos made of wheat can be a safe choice for you. Visit a local Mexican restaurant to learn more about its selection of tacos, as well as the other items on its menu.