Three Amenities To Complete Your Restaurant’s Banquet Room

Having a banquet room provides restaurants with a way to bring in extra revenue through hosting private events. Adding the right amenities to your banquet room can set you apart from the competition and give customers a reason to choose your space for their parties, gatherings, and memorable moments. Here are some features to consider adding to create a truly unique and functional space. 

Projector Screen

Projector screens can set the scene for a wide range of private events. Slideshows of the happy couple are perfect for setting the tone at small wedding receptions, and in memoriam tributes help mourners remember loved ones at funeral luncheons. A projector screen and high-quality projector make a perfect addition to a banquet room, and this type of amenity can be offered gratis as an added benefit for booking the room. Be sure you have enough space on one wall of the room to accommodate the screen. Your projector should come with USB and auxiliary ports to accommodate laptops, smartphones, and tablets. Wireless connectivity is a plus, making it easier for guests to share content onscreen. 

Selfie Station

Having memorable photos of private events can make a gathering truly special. Consider setting aside a corner of the room for a selfie station where guests can take their own pictures or have a professional photographer capture their images. Your restaurant can partner with a local photographer to provide an add-on service, which makes it easy for guests to create their ideal party package. Have a few different photo backdrops available, along with the equipment to hold up the backdrops. Guests can choose one you have on hand or bring their own. Some backdrop ideas might include a winter scene with a Christmas tree or a birthday theme with a cake and balloons. To make this idea even more fun, add a box full of photo props guests can use to create playful pics to share with friends and family.

DJ Booth

A small DJ booth can serve a range of purposes for your banquet room. Having dedicated space for a DJ can make your restaurant more appealing to those planning small weddings, and it can also make your spot perfect for everything from office holiday parties to bar mitzvahs. As an added bonus, you can pair your DJ booth with your projector and screen to host karaoke events on nights when the room isn't booked. You'll want to make sure the booth is connected to a good sound system and has plenty of space for a laptop and turntable. There should also be plenty of outlets to accommodate equipment. You may want to work with a designer to ensure the exterior of the booth matches your room's aesthetics. With the right design and color scheme, the booth can blend seamlessly with the rest of your banquet space. 

For more information on an event banquet room, contact a company near you.