Why Pizza Takeout Beats Delivery And Dining In

When you're thinking about ordering some pizza or other food items from a pizzeria—and you're not dining in—you'll need to decide whether to get delivery or takeout. Many people are quick to order delivery because they feel it's the more convenient option, but it comes with some disadvantages that you don't have to deal with when ordering takeout. Here are a few examples of why it's better to order takeout than delivery from a pizzeria

Delivery Times Are Unpredictable

Delivery is excellent when the food gets to you quickly, but there are many reasons for things to get delayed. The driver could be delivering to a few different locations, and you happen to be the last one on their list. When you order takeout, you get to skip on the long delivery times and grab your food from the counter right when it's ready. 

Food Sits Around Too Long When You Get Delivery

The delivery driver doesn't always deliver your food right when it's ready. It may sit on the counter until they return from other deliveries or until additional orders are ready. That makes it more likely for you to end up with cold food when you order delivery instead of picking it up yourself. 

Delivery Bags Make Food Soggy

Delivery bags are supposed to keep pizza and other foods warm during the delivery process. However, they trap heat and moisture, resulting in soggy food on long deliveries. When you order pickup and drive the food home yourself, more moisture will be able to escape from the pizza boxes and food bags, so there will be less of a chance for sogginess—it also helps that you won't have to deliver food to other houses during the drive home.  

No Need to Tip or Pay Delivery Fees

When you get your food delivered, there is typically a delivery fee which will automatically make your order more expensive. Also, your delivery driver relies on tips to make a living, so you'll have to pay them a tip when they hand you your food. When you get takeout, there's no delivery charge and no need to tip, so you instantly save a few bucks on your order. 

Easier to Replace Missing Items

Most of the time, delivery drivers will bring you every single item you order without issue, but occasionally, they may forget something. That means they will have to travel back to the pizzeria to get what they forgot and bring it back to you—sometimes after making a few other deliveries. When you get takeout, you can check to ensure everything is there before you leave the pizzeria, and if something's missing, you can let the workers know, and they'll get it to you immediately.