3 Low-Carb Side Dishes To Pair With Your Pizza

Sometimes pizza can be a meal all by itself, especially when you're eating alone. But when you're throwing a party or just having a big family meal, you probably want some side dishes to even out the meal. However, many of the common side dishes that go with pizza are fried or bread-based. You may be looking for a lighter side dish to help balance out your meal. Take a look at some lighter, low-carb side dishes that taste terrific next to a slice of pizza: Read More 

Expand Your Horizons By Ordering These Dishes When You Visit A Seafood Restaurant

If you enjoy eating seafood, you might seek out seafood restaurants in your own city and when you travel. It can be easy, however, to continuously order the same types of meals. For example, it's hard to beat the flavor of fish and chips done right, or you may love fettuccine Alfredo topped with shrimp. Even though it might be difficult to turn away from these menu staples, you won't regret expanding your horizons a little by ordering something different. Read More 

Make These Choices At An Italian Restaurant To Keep Your Caloric Intake Low

It's easy for your mouth to begin watering as soon as you open the menu at your favorite Italian restaurant. Rich, decadent items will tantalize your tastebuds, but you'll have to be smart about what you order if you're watching your weight. Certain items at an Italian restaurant are high in calories, and while such things might be delicious, they're best to avoid if you're being careful about your caloric intake. Read More 

Use These Tips To Make Sure You Stick To Your Healthy Diet When Ordering Chinese Food

If you are like a lot of people, you enjoy Chinese food every now and then. However, you might be worried about how to stick to your diet when ordering Chinese takeout. Use the following tips to be confident that you are adhering to your healthy eating habits while enjoying the foods you love. Order Vegetables Vegetables are always a solid choice when eating Chinese food. Even if your veggies are in a sauce, they are likely to be less calorie-filled than any of the meat choices available. Read More 

How To Remove The “Shoulds” And “Should Nots” From Healthy Eating

These days people are surrounded by healthy eating advice. There are so many "shoulds" and "should nots" that it is impossible to even keep track of them all. The problem with these expectations is that they create guilt and do not motivate healthy eating. Instead, they create discouragement and resentfulness. Here are a few of these common expectations and how you can eliminate them from your life. 1. You shouldn't eat out. Read More