A Bar Crawl That Will Remind You And Your Friends Of The Past

If your college buddies will be hitting you up over the holidays and you would like to spend some time celebrating the festive aura that is promoted throughout the downtown region, ask your pals if they would like to partake in a late-night bar crawl. The crawl can include stopping at your favorite bars from the past and finishing up the evening with a full meal and a ride back to your friends' hotel. Read More 

How to Draw Evening Customers Into Your 24-Hour Diner

Keeping your diner open 24 hours a day is a good claim to fame, and you are sure to have some customers, such as those who work night shifts, who appreciate being able to dine out at odd hours. However, business is almost certain to be slower in the middle of the night than during the day. Here are some ideas for diner owners looking to encourage more customers to come during the evening hours so you can maintain your current staff and grow your restaurant business. Read More 

How To Pair Pizza With Wine

If you're like many culinary consumers, you consider pizza and beer to be a classic combination that can't be beaten. Although a cold beer is certainly an excellent adult beverage choice when a well-prepared custom pizza is on the table, wine lovers shouldn't feel that they're being left out in the cold. Pairing wine and pizza is a little more difficult than choosing a beer to drink with it because normal wine pairing strategies aren't easily applied. Read More